Headworn Microphones

Headworn Microphones


MIPRO introduces ACT-20T, a compact, miniature transmitter. It becomes a complete freedom of mobility when connected with a headworn microphone with no bodypack and no cable. This true wireless solution offers a hands-free operation without cable entanglement and poor connection problems. The ACT-20T utilizes PLL synthesized technology for increased RF stability and packed in a lightweight, miniature housing so transmitter can rest comfortably and secure behind the head of the performer for an unobtrusive view. Featuring built-in rechargeable lithium battery with a quick charger for extended battery hours and patented ACT sync enables fast and easy transmitter setup from any MIPRO receivers. ACT-20T can be connected to a MU-23d or MU-210d headworn microphone with detachable (screw-lock type) microphone boom for a truly wireless audio transmission solution. ACT-20T is easy to use and ideal for education, theater, aerobics/fitness and houses of worship applications.


• Proprietary over-the-ear, shapeable frame design for an ultra secure, comfortable fit. • Supplied in three earworn sizes for ideal fit. • Fixed or detachable boom can be worn on left or right and detached for replacement or servicing. • Subminiature 3mm omni-directional condenser capsule. • Resistant to moisture, perspiration and salts. • Detachable cables with various types of plug are available. • Soft yet flexible thin boom can be bent 120° and boom holder can be height rotated for an ideal fit. • Ideal for speech applications.


• Compact ear-hook design for a secure, ultra comfortable fit. • Supplied in three ear-hook sizes for ideal fit. • Molded, 1-piece microphone boom can be worn on left or right side. • MU-210 features a premium 10mm uni-directional capsule. • Resistant to moisture, perspiration and salts. • Soft yet flexible thin boom bens 120° and holder can be height rotated for an ideal fit. • Ideal for speech and vocal applications.


Designed for demanding live performance and fitness industry. Omni-directional pick-up pattern and sweat-resistant construction. Visually unobtrusive, durable and comfortable to wear. Flexible and durable frame with comfortable, soft ear hooks which require no adjustment for optimum comfort. Interchangeable MU-53M uni-directional capsule module and MU-55M subminiature waterproof omni-directional capsule module. Featuring a high dynamic range and able to withstand a maximum SPL without distortion. Capsule module and cable are easily detached from the frame and can be worn on the left or right side of the frame to suit personal preferences. The very thin capsule-shaft mount is fully rotatable. The capsule-shaft allows for adjustments in length, direction and angle for precise and optimum capsule positioning in relation to the speakers mouth. Patented, swiveling earhook design allows for inward rotation, facilitating easy storage, packaging and carriage. Available in black and beige colors. Flexible gooseneck. Supplied as standard with MIPRO’s TA4F mini XLR plug. Features a smooth, warm, natural sound. Fold-flat design for easy storage.

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